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   All I Ask for Christmas
PEGGY DUQUESNEL is pleased to present her latest recording, "All I Ask for Christmas," a double album with 21 tracks separated into an instrumental disc and a vocal disc. The project features several popular Christmas standards along with four of Peggy's original Christmas songs. It highlights her fluid piano improvisations and inviting vocals with a trio that includes Brian Bromberg on bass and Joe La Barbera on drums. Extra finesse and colors are added by Brian Kilgore on percus-W. Rick Braun on flugelhorn and Jay Leach on guitar. Vocalist Bill Cantos is featured on three duets with Peggy, including the title cut, as well as introducing vocalist Emma Werderman, who joins Peggy on Mary Did You Know for another moving duet. Duquesnel's jazzy / pop arrangements and songwriting capture her eclectic jazz background and warm personality.

Peggy Duquesnel – Piano / Vocals
Brian Bromberg - Bass
Joe La Barbera - Drums
Brian Kilgore - Percussion
Jay Leach - Guitar
Rick Brown - Fligelhorn
Bill Cantos - Vocals
Emma Werderman - Vocals

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Instrumental CD


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   Seems Like I know You
A five-song EP of original and cover pop jazz songs Accomplished pianist/singer/songwriter Peggy Duquesnel has co-produced her 8th recording and her first EP Working with the legendary talents of extraordinary keyboardist Jeff Lorber, and amazing Yellowjackets' bassist Jimmy Haslip, together they have produced and infused this music project with outstanding musicality. You will enjoy a taste of jazzy pop, funk, sweet ballads and Latin arrangements that showcase four of Peggy's original compositions. She writes beautiful melodies with solid, memorable hooks. Also included is a Carpenter classic, a cover song guaranteed to please. Seems Like I know You, the title tune, proffers a rich melody, lush production and lyrical storytelling.

Peggy Duquesnel
Peggy Duquesnel - Vocals / Piano
Jeff Lorber - Keyboards / Engineer
Jimmy Haslip - Bass
Rick Braun - Trumpet / Flugel Horn
Michael Thompson - Guitar
Dee Dee McNeil & Bill Cantos - Background Vocals
Gary Novak, Tony Moore & Jimmy Branley - Drums & Percussion
Rich Breen - Mastering
Peggy Duquesnel, Jeff Lorber & Jimmy Haslip - Arrangements

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   On Summertime Lullaby, a recent release from Peggy Duquesnel, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter takes her listeners on a musical journey through the world of romance. Subtitled "Jazz Standards and Love Songs", the recording combines Ms. Duquesnel’s own wonderful compositions, including the lovely title track, with popular classics from the Great American Songbook. Inspired by the love in her own life, the disc is dedicated by the singer to her husband and features a selection of some of the couple’s favorite songs, as well as original works inspired by their shared times.

Peggy DuquesnelPeggy Duquesnel – Piano / Vocals
Grant Geissman – Guitar
Mike Higgins - Guitar
Jim DeJulio – Bass
Ernie Nunez – Bass
Kendall Kay - Drums
Dave Owens - Drums

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   Show Me Your Way features a vibrant collection of original songs of praise and worship plus some popular hymns. The music reveals Peggy’s eclectic background in jazz, pop, Latin, gospel and the classics. Her unique blend of songwriting, piano improvisation and smooth vocals shine in both intimate and lively arrangements, featuring top-notch studio musicians and world-class background vocalists.

Peggy Duquesnel Peggy Duquesnel – Piano / Vocals
Andre Mayeux – Orchestrations
Grant Geissman – Guitars
Michael Higgins - Guitars
Jay Mason – Woodwinds
Ernie Nunez – Bass
Dave Owens - Drums

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   Divine Light presents two pianos, two styles of playing coming together in harmony to create passionate, imaginative, reflective musical moments. This one-hour journey of faith features the piano artistry of Steve Hall and Peggy Duquesnel performing on two magnificent Steinway grand pianos with orchestral instrumentation. The path we chose is one of variety…featuring selected favorite hymns, gospel tunes and current popular songs with an inspirational message. In addition, there are some intriguing arrangements utilizing different classical themes. Peggy's original composition "Divine Light" is featured on this recording along with her unique arrangement of "Holy, Holy, Holy". See below to order the sheet music arrangements of these two pieces for solo piano.

Peggy Duquesnel
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   Old Friends is an exquisite and unique collection of original jazz compositions by pianist/composer Peggy Duquesnel performed by a stellar jazz quartet featuring John Patitucci/Bass, Bob Harsen/Drums and Albert Wing/Sax. The performance of the Miles Davis piece "Solar" is captivating.

Studio Recording Crew

"Duquesnel's album is a beautifully melodic and rhythmic mix of traditional, classic jazz." Jazz Connections

"Duquesnel displayed inventive improvisation…as well as compositional smarts, tearing off glistening runs, flirting with dissonance and leaving provocative moments of empty space at off-beat moments." L.A. Times Calendar

"Peggy is not only a captivating songwriter but she's a fine pianist too. There is a Bill Evans quality to her playing and her harmonies." Jazz Programmer WRST-FM

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   Give Thanks is a collection of heart-warming inspirational classics, hymns and praise songs with Peggy's intimate piano stylings and arrangements. The CD also includes three of Peggy's original compositions for piano. "Thank You for Drawing My Heart" is a song that reflects upon the kind and gentle way that the Lord draws us unto Him as a loving father takes a child into his arms. Another original piece encourages a "Heart of Thanksgiving" in whatever life's circumstances may be. "The Joy Inside My Heart" captures the joy of experiencing the gift of God's presence in our lives.

Peggy Duquesnel
"Traditional solo piano music with a creative touch!"

"Sensitive and Moving!"

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   Where is Love? is a first-class production of jazz standards and originals featuring Peggy Duquesnel with her jazz trio. Recorded at Capitol Studios by Grammy Award-winning engineer Al Schmitt, it features six orchestra cuts arranged and conducted by Grammy Award-winning arranger Alan Broadbent. Peggy's original pieces "Hotel Blues and "Kiwi Friend" along with producer Mike Peak's original composition "Lucy" add a nice touch to this work of art.

Studio Recording Crew Peggy Duquesnel - Piano / Vocals
Jeff Hamilton - Drums
Tom Warrington - Bass
Alan Broadbent - Arrangements

"Peggy's vocals are polished and smooth, her voice as much an instrument as any in the orchestra."
Singer Magazine

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   Tropical Breezes features elegant and enjoyable piano and guitar orchestrations of popular standards with a tropical flavor. The recording has been created for the listener to enjoy some great melodies presented in a fresh, contemporary style with captivating rhythms and tropical beats. The music is a journey through different time periods from the 30s to the 90s, bringing back memories of dancing on cruise ships … and falling in love.

Studio Recording Crew

Peggy Duquesnel - Piano
David Patt - Guitar
Bob Birch - Bass
Sinclar Lott - Drums
Tom Evans - Flute and Oboe
Brian Kilgore - Percussion

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   Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs includes jazz artists from around the United States and was produced by David Arivett for the Christian Jazz Artists Network. There are 14 great tracks featuring a wide variety of jazz flavorings … straight ahead, smooth, swing, funk, Latin, contemporary and more! Peggy Duquesnel's inspiring recording of "Jesus Loves Me" from her "Where is Love?" CD is the final cut on the project.

Studio Recording Crew

   Higher Altitude by Pocket Change was released in 1995 on the Brainchild label. With "Kilauea", "Birds of a Feather", and "Pocket Change", Brainchild Records cornered the market on that amazingly smooth and melodic West Coast sound in the mid-'90s, played by a mix of some of the best veterans and up-and-comers in the pop instrumental world. Band leader David Patt's fruitful combination of acoustic grace and electric energy has never come across this effortlessly before. As he notes, collaborating with keyboardist/composer Peggy Duquesnel was a stroke of radio-ready genius.

David Patt - Leader and Guitar
Peggy Duquesnel - Keyboard and Piano

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Divine Light – an original composition by Peggy Duquesnel.....
Presenting two pianos, two styles of playing coming together
in harmony to create passionate, imaginative, reflective musical
moments. Peggy and Steve Hall combine their musical gifts to
create a very special arrangement of this enduring melody.....

Holy, Holy, Holy – a most unique arrangement by Peggy Duquesnel that is sure to become a classic! Peggy incorporates an excerpt from Chopin’s magnificent Nocturne
(Opus 48 number 1) at the beginning of this beloved hymn. The theme continues to build until the gradual climax of the last verse, interweaving Chopin’s beautiful style along the way. The four verses of Holy, Holy, Holy are printed on the back of the sheet music for easy reference.
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