Lovely Skies


This album includes twelve original songs and four cover songs that were recorded by Peggy and other talented musicians. These easy listening and contemporary pop instrumentals reflect Peggy’s creative artistry and joy of nature.

A special “thank you” to the musicians, friends and colleagues who enhanced these songs with their unique talents and skills.

We hope the music brings you much joy!!!

1. Rainy Days and Mondays
2. Help Me Choose
3. That's How it Always Goes
4. Drivin' Blues
5. I Can See Clearly Now
6. Promised Land
7. Bird on a Leash
8. Seems Like I Know You
9. Lovely Skies
10. Don't Know Why
11. The Greatest Miracle
12. My King
13. Show Me Your Way
14. Over the Rainbow
15. February 11th
16. When I Think of You

Produced By: Peggy Duquesnel
Mastered By: Andre Mayeux
Piano: Peggy Duquesnel *all tracks except “Don’t Know Why”

Guest Musicians
Piano: Steve Hall/Steve Donovan (“Don’t Know Why”)
Trumpet/Flugel Horn: Ric Braun, Tony Guerrero
Sax/Flute: Greg Vail
Keyboards/Organ: Jeff Lorber, Andre Mayeux,
Edo Guidotti, Peggy Duquesnel
Guitar: David Patt, Michael Higgins,
Michael Thompson, Grant Geissman
Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Ernie Nunez, Gordon Rustvold,
Dave Stone
Drums/Percussion: Jimmy Branley, Gary Novak,
Dave Owens, Tony Moore, Suzanne Morissette,
Sinclair Lott

“This project is a thoroughly enjoyable offering, and if I wore a hat, I’d certainly be taking it off to Peggy and friends. High marks for arrangements and production as well.”
– Michele Wilson-Morris, (The Entertainment Bank)

“With mad skills and a great attitude, Duquesnel is a stock whose arrow is pointing straight up.”
– Brent Black, (Critical Jazz)

– “One truly admirable piece of art.” “The magnetism of the subtle and well-arranged “Bird on a Leash” is appealing and classy with Lorber on keys and Braun’s trumpet complementing the piano of Duquesnel.” The cover of the 1971 Carpenters melodically sweet tune “Rainy Days and Mondays” shows off Duquesnel’s piano skills handsomely.”
– Ronald Jackson, (Smooth Jazz Ride)

Available Formats:

Digital Album – $9.99, Physical CD – $14.99